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                            Architecture is the learned game,

            correct and magnificent,

                            of forms assembled in the light.

                                                                 Le Corbusier, Towards an Architecture, 1923


Francesco Nocerino is an Italian-licensed architect who was born in Aosta, Italy. He attended the “Edouard Bérard” High School and obtained his Diploma in July 1994. In September 1995 he enrolled at the Polytechnic of Turin where he graduated in October 2003 in Architecture with a specialization in Urban Planning (M.Arch). In April 2005 he registered at the Association of Architects, Planners, Landscapers and Conservationists and began working as a freelance architect. In September 2007 he obtained a License as a Coordinator for Safety and Health for the construction site. In August 2010 he was appointed as Member of the Municipal Building Commission for the Protection of the Landscape. In March 2011 he was appointed as a Qualified Technical Expert in Environmental Acoustics. From February 2003 to February 2005 he was employed as a construction site assistant, managing sales, deliveries, and accounting for a well-known building company. He has been employed as a Designer with a permanent contract at an architectural and engineering firm since February 2005 during which time he continued practicing as a freelance architect. These experiences involved areas such as private buildings, school buildings, public museums, urban infrastructures, fire protection design, acoustic design and financial reporting of the project. His independent professional experience has focused on the recovery of historical buildings, on low-energy buildings and the study of natural and artificial light. After 10 years of continuous working practice he enrolled at Pratt Institute in New York City and obtained the specialization in Sustainable Building, Infrastructure Design and Management in December 2013. He currently lives and works in Manhattan, NY.